Vase - Hard Maple Burl - 3 Water Receptacles

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Product Overview

Decorate your space with unique flair! This amazing vase is durable, unique and organic, providing interesting functionality. It doubles as an intriguing conversation piece with unbelievable character, style and design. The piece is an amazing work of art, preserving and highlighting nature. In addition, it complements various home decors, no log cabin needed! Great for yourself or a gift! 


  • Completely handcrafted by experienced stick and stone artist, Lance Leba 
  • Easy to use - remove enclosed plastic test tubes to fill vase with water
  • Original piece, one of a kind, no duplications or mass production
  • Functional utilitarian design for any home decor
  • Designed for indoor/outdoor usage 


  • Catskill region, locally sourced natural materials
  • Hand selected unique tree branch with bluestone and/or river rock
  • Design process spans 1+ years from branch collection to completion
  • Piece creation involves 14 meticulous steps/stages from start to finish  


  • Durable, stable, and level functional design
  • Windproof and animal/pet proof
  • Product is securely attached for easy placement, usage, movement and storage
  • Product is sealed, easy care (clean wood-dusting spray on cloth, clean stone-wet cloth with soapy water) if needed 

Product Specs

  • Hard Maple Burl
  • Removable water receptacles - 3 plastic test tubes enclosed in vase
  • Product has smooth finish underneath for easy placement
  • 5" Height x 12" Width x 13" Length
  • 9.25 lbs. Weight