Toilet Paper Holder w/Shelf - Beech Tree Branch with Bluestone

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Product Overview

We got you covered with this rustic toilet paper holder with a shelf! Rustic, organic charm at your fingertips! Perfect for any bathroom gals and/or gents. No log cabin or outhouse needed! This piece doesn’t discriminate, and complements any home décor. Go ahead and make a statement. Extreme character and mother nature approved! Take the plunge!


  • Completely handcrafted by experienced stick and stone artist, Lance Leba 
  • Original piece, one of a kind, no duplications or mass production
  • Functional utilitarian design for any home decor
  • Designed for indoor/outdoor usage 


  • Catskill region, locally sourced natural materials
  • Hand selected unique tree branch with bluestone and/or river rock
  • Design process spans 1+ years from branch collection to completion
  • Piece creation involves 14 meticulous steps/stages from start to finish


  • Durable, stable, and level functional design
  • Windproof and animal/pet proof
  • Product is securely attached for easy placement, usage, movement and storage
  • Product is sealed, easy care (clean wood-dusting spray on cloth, clean stone-wet cloth with soapy water) if needed 

Product Specs

  • Beech Tree Branch & Bluestone
  • 38" Height x 11" Width x 20" Length
  • 25.5 lbs. Weight