About Us

Lance Leba is self-taught artist, from Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey.  Craving freedom and peace, he relocated to the Catskill Mountains for a stress-free, and quiet lifestyle.  He began working for a log home developer, gaining knowledge of construction and carpentry.  He worked in tandem with a finish carpenter creating tree branch wine racks, twisted banisters, and artistic finishing touches for the homes.  He began to realize he was not a carpenter, but an artist. The construction and carpentry discipline was a foundation, and played a unique role in his artistic development.  

His artwork has evolved over seven years of designs, trial and error.  He is constantly adapting, learning, and creating. Lance’s original idea and creation was designed for plants and other items.  Lance has “branched out,” creating tables, toilet paper holders, vases and much more.   

His specialty is custom building, ensuring a design to match your specific measurements and elements of your home or work space.  The designs are artistically determined from the contour of the branch.  The main elements of each design are natural, featuring branches and bluestone.   

The multiple designs combine multi-functional and visual art, along with encompassing indoor or outdoor utility.  Each piece is an original and crafted with integrity. Branches and stone are meticulously united to create design and beauty to last a lifetime.img-0002.jpg